Volition Beauty Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask: Dry Skin-Approved

Have you ever had a week when just making it to Friday felt like your life’s greatest achievement? For me, that was last week. Unfortunately for my pocketbook (but fortunately for my face), the stars aligned with my misery and I ended my crappy week on a payday. It was time to treat myself. For those of you who know me, “treating myself” usually translates to adding a luxury skincare product to my ever-expanding shelf.

Due to my indecisive nature and penny-pinching ways, I often spend hours scouring the SkincareAddiction and AsianBeauty subreddits (great resources, btw) for product reviews before making a commitment. It’s kind of like Googling a guy before a first date to make sure he’s not going to chop your face into tiny little pieces and burn the remains (kind of like a bad chemical peel). If he has a criminal record, you continue down the rabbit hole even after you’ve canceled the date. Not that this has happened to me, but …

Anyway, on the rare occasion I decide to trust my intuition (which amounts to maybe the 7 days or so of the first quarter moon?), I take my psychic energy to Sephora.com and see if anything in particular calls my name. On this occasion, Volition Beauty’s Detoxifying Silt Gelée Mask was singing a siren song.

Usually, when I’m called to a product promises to “detoxify and balance clogged pores,” it means my intuition is seriously off and I probably shouldn’t leave the house because everyone knows “detoxify,” “pores,” and possibly “silt” are all code words for “clay mask.” And if you’re a skincare addict with dry skin, you know “clay mask” is code for “Trouble Every Day.”

Nonetheless, Volition Beauty touts the silt gelée mask’s hydrating properties so in an uncharacteristically impulsive skincare purchase, I came to possess the Volition Beauty Detoxifying Silt Gelée Mask. Before I share my experience with this versatile wash-off black silt mask, let me introduce you to Volition Beauty.

Volition Beauty: About the Brand

“We exist to make the best clean skincare. For you, with you.” While a lot of beauty brands might have similar mission statements, few put their money where their mouth is quite like Volition Beauty.

Volition Beauty approaches skincare with an entrepreneurial spirit, offering the average person the chance to submit product ideas for their community to vote on. If an idea gets enough votes, Volition Beauty will make it happen. In fact, not only will they make it happen, but they’ll do it without parabens, sulfates, or animal cruelty (view a complete list of their banned ingredients here).

What makes Volition Beauty even more noteworthy (in addition to all the awesome stuff already mentioned) is that they pay their contributors. This concept should be common sense, but you’d be surprised how many companies think having your idea come to fruition is payment enough. Let’s hear a round of applause for Volition Beauty’s self-realization and demonstrated gratitude to their contributors!

I’ve only tried the detoxifying silt gelée mask, but they have a product for every step in your skincare routine from cleanser to sunscreen (and y’all know how much I love a good sunscreen!). One of these days, I’ll get around to trying all of them but now it’s time to give the Volition Beauty Detoxifying Silt Gelée Mask the love and attention it deserves!

The Product: Volition Beauty Detoxifying Silt Gelée Mask ($60)

Volition Beauty Detoxifying Silt Gelee Face Mask

At $60 for a 2 oz jar, the Volition Beauty Detoxifying Silt Gelée Mask has luxe written all over (most of) it. Fans of tactile sensation will appreciate running a finger over the jar’s smooth frosted glass almost as much as they’ll love the consistency and texture of the mask itself.

Volition Beauty was right on the mark in calling this product a “gelée mask” (i.e: ideal for dry skin types because oily types aren’t the only ones who need to detox sometimes). The mask, although it resembles (a poop-colored) clay in the jar, actually feels like a medium-consistency gel as it glides onto your face with ease.

Volition Beauty Detoxifying Silt Gelee Face Mask open jar

That being said, when I hinted Volition’s packaging was “mostly” luxurious, I was referring to the plastic applicator spatula. The spatula is almost laughably useless and entirely too small to scoop the needed amount of product out of the jar, let alone actually apply it to your face. As someone who advocates for hygienic skincare and mostly avoids products in jars due to potential contamination, the spatula situation was disappointing to say the least.

Volition Beauty Detoxifying Gelee Face Mask application spatula

Fortunately, I have my own arsenal of face mask application brushes, so this problem was easy to remedy for me. If you don’t have your own brush or spatula, I’d suggest buying one before using this product because Volition Beauty’s included spatula just isn’t going to cut it. However, this product is so amazing that their spatula problem wasn’t a complete deal-breaker for me.

Although pleasingly surprised with the detoxifying silt gelée mask’s texture, I’ll admit I was still leery about letting it work its magic because the usage instructions mimicked those of your typical clay mask: “Apply a generous amount while avoiding eye area. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Use included sponge and water to remove. Apply 1 to 3 times a week. To activate sponge, run under water.” Although they didn’t specifically say to wait for the mask to “dry” on your face, I knew that was the insinuation. Or at least that was my assumption. What happened in the next 5-10 minutes defied my expectations and earned this product HG status in my beauty regimen.

Dry-skinned ladies and gents, this product is for you. Combination-skinned peeps? It’s for you too. My oily-skinned frenemies? Go out and get yourself a jar because this product is universally transcendent and “dries” without hardening or making the skin feel tight. Upon removal, my skin felt softer, plumper, and more supple. I glowed like an angel, not an oil slick. As for the “detoxifying and balancing” promises? Don’t pray to St. Anthony or anything but I seemed to have misplaced my pores.

As per their instructions, Volition Beauty includes two exfoliating sponges for mask removal. I must admit when I first saw these “sponges” (especially after the spatula fiasco) I thought to myself “these things remind me of the flat pieces of white cardboard paper DSW stuffs in boots to maintain their shape.” But guys, these sponges are the mind-blowingly futuristic college science experiments you’d see in an ideal world where you were actually good at science. (I’m speaking for myself here. Science was my archnemesis throughout my entire educational career.)

Volition Beauty Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask exfoliating sponges

Volition Beauty notes that their sponges must be “activated” with water. This isn’t one of those highfalutin’ beauty brand product descriptions that use complicated language to say “wipe this goop off your face with a wet sponge.” No. When you run these sponges under your faucet, they will double in size and morph into the perfect “abrasive but not too abrasive” texture you’ve always been looking for in an exfoliating sponge.My only complaint here is that they only give you two of them. Wiping off a poop-colored mask with a white sponge will inevitably mean that sponge will never look pristine again. Since (thank goddess) there is enough of this product for more than two uses, chances are you’re going to end up wiping off your luxury mask with a plain old washcloth at some point. Not that washcloths can’t be luxe (if you don’t believe me, check out these bad boys ), but if I’m paying $60 for a product, I want all of its components to last until that $60 is fully spent.

Do I think the Volition Beauty Detoxifying Silt Geleé mask is worth the $60. Absolutely. I plan on using it once a week. I think the Gill-man approves too!

Volition Beauty Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask results
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