Poems: Online

the air is melting
Eunoia Review

Bald Mountain
Noble/Gas Qtrly

Catching My Reflection in a Crucifix
Amaryllis Poetry

Chasing the Dragon
Eunoia Review

Defiant Greens
Autumn Sky Poetry Daily

feet poem
Eunoia Review

first date
Atlas + Alice

first time in a bikini since 16

Hawaiian Spring
Noble/Gas Qtrly

How to Peel and Chop an Onion
Into the Void

Writers Resist

I am the Voodoo Queen
Bluestem Magazine

i had a sex dream

i hate this nowhere (as much as i hate your sex)
Eunoia Review

jazz song
Sandy River Review

Juno’s Autopsy
Eunoia Review

The K Street Prophet
The Broke Bohemian


Love Poem for Anne Sexton
Oyster River Pages

Metaphor in Teeth

The Morning After Another Coming of Age Film
Cleaver Magazine

My Mother’s Yellow Dress
Eunoia Review

New York Love Poem

Pennsylvania Dress Factory
Anthracite Unite

Racing Worms

the raped girl is
The American Journal of Poetry

Saran Wrap Love
Eunoia Review

summer prophecy
Eunoia Review

sometimes it’s like i’m speaking to an empty room
Eunoia Review

Synonyms for (OTHER) Bodies
The American Journal of Poetry

The Weave
Best American Poetry Blog

Where My Muse Comes From

with me it is always night
Eunoia Review

Poems: In Print

“3 Boys in Front of Me at a Wonder Woman Screening”
Bop Dead City


Malevolent Soap

“Beth Israel Psych Ward: Outpatient Waiting Room”
The Broken Plate

“Bettie Page in Our Kitchen”

“Chantelle 1745 D 34”
Malevolent Soap

“Cops and Robbers”
Poet Lore

“Coven of Mean Girls at the Gym”
Harpur Palate

“Daryl (race poem)”
Third Wednesday

“Donating Our Bodies to Science”
Harpur Palate

“maybe i should fill my poems with flowers”

“moon cycle”
Theories of HER: An Experimental Anthology

“My Grandma Battles the Loch Ness Monster”
American Writers Review

“My mother thinks I should go to law school”

“Over Coffee”
Moon City Review


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