About Me

Daryl Sznyter is a writer, educator, and digital marketing professional from Scranton, Pennsylvania. A two-time Pushcart Prize and Forward Prize nominee, Sznyter’s poetry has appeared in Diode, Harpur Palate, Poet Lore, Folio, The American Journal of Poetry, Best American Poetry blog, and elsewhere. Her first collection of poems, Synonyms for (OTHER) Bodies was published by NYQ Books in March of 2018.

Drawing inspiration from writers like Virginia Woolf, Muriel Rukeyser, Anne Sexton, and Kathy Acker, Sznyter’s poems are jarring in both form and content. Divided into three sections, “Me,” “We,” and “They,” Synonyms for (OTHER) Bodies assigns equal meaning to words and shape, challenging the reader to derive context from form. Switching rapidly from long, unpunctuated stream-of-consciousness to sleek, tight lines to widely spaced blobs where words seem to have fallen like raindrops, her message, oscillating between feminism and humanism, is around her words as much as in them. From reimagined biblical stories to personal anecdotes unearthed with humor and/or sadness, Sznyter hopes to remind her audience of their lasting impact on every person or place they interact with.

As an SEO specialist and content writer, Sznyter’s work spans a wide breadth of interests, ranging from industry-specific publications to featured articles, listicles, and long form blog posts. Her favorite topics to write about include fashion/beauty, books, film, career, and psychology.

In addition to teaching her students the value of carefully chosen words and enticing the Googlebots in 70 characters or less, Sznyter’s hobbies include dance, yoga, photography, the great outdoors, spooky stuff, and impulsive decisions that lead to new adventures.

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