Bt Micro: A Safe & Efficient Dermaplaning Alternative

I’m a sucker for beauty and skincare trends. I never do anything to my face without performing extensive research first, but once I’ve convinced myself to take the leap, I’m as giddy as a kid in a candy store (or a chemist in a lab, depending on the trend). That being said, there are certain skincare trends that don’t live up to the hype. For me, dermaplaning was one of those trends. I tried to love it. I really did. I even went out and got myself the StackedSkincare Dermaplaning Exfoliation Tool. One of these days, I’ll write a review of how disappointingly inconsistent StackedSkincare’s product inventory is, but today isn’t that day. Although The Leatherface Prevention Society is the perfect place to discuss any skincare procedure that involves taking a scalpel to your face, I’m here to introduce you to a lesser-known, safer manual exfoliation tool called the bt-micro. The bt-micro shares a few product claims with dermaplaning tools (softer skin, more even texture, smoother makeup application) but in my opinion does a much better job with delivering results.

Since the original bt-micro is $500+ and most of us don’t have that kind of money to contribute to our skincare dreams, I’ll be reviewing Ucero’s “skin spatula” bt-micro, a $20 alternative that gives priceless results.

Bt-micro: Manual Exfoliation via Ultasonic Vibrations

When I say “ultasonic vibrations,” don’t think in terms of your electric toothbrush. The bt-micro’s vibrations may sound like a bug zapper or tattoo gun but the pulsing sensation is barely noticeable when pressed against the skin and the slight redness after use fades within minutes. Ucero calls their bt-micro a “skin spatula” because of its shape and the way it glides across the skin. Ucero’s tool is bent at the tip at about a 35 degree angle. This angle directs the vibrations to just under the pores when the tool is moved across the face. The pulsations gently lift dirt and oil from clogged pores while removing dead skin cells for a healthy glow.

bt micro

Ucero Skin Spatula Bt-Micro: Product Claims

Cleaning: Used in combination with facial cleanser to deep clean pores and purify blackheads. Lifting: EMS stimulates micro-current to produce more collagen, which acts to tighten skin. Ion+: Use with water to deeply remove dirt. Ion-: Use with face cream to deeply nourish. (from product listing)

Using the Bt-Micro: My Experience

I practice proper skincare religiously, but my first try with Ucero’s spatula was grossly, awesomely satisfying. You could literally see the toxins leaving my pores! Think facial extractions on steroids. The rechargeable base is good for up to 80 minutes and comes with 4 settings: cleaning, lifting, ion+, and ion- (as outlined in the product claims). Like a lot of knockoff brands you’d find on Amazon, the directions weren’t exactly a fine specimen of the English language. It took some experimentation, but I soon learned that “cleaning” and “ion+” were my favorite settings. The cleaning setting can be used in conjunction with any cleanser, but I prefer to use it with my cleansing oil as step 1 of my double cleansing method. I’d say the cleaning setting is gentle enough for daily use. 2-3 times a week, I prepare my skin with my facial steamer and go to town on deep cleaning my pores with the ion+ mode. Ion+ mode demonstrates the bt-micro’s versatility. The tool’s tip curves inwards, leaving two somewhat tapered ends that absorb more of the vibration than the concave center. These tapered ends are perfect for performing gentle extractions on deeply congested pores. The picture of my cotton swab is the result of ion+ mode. As for the “lifting” and “ion-” settings, they didn’t do much for me but cleaning and ion+ modes make them irrelevant.

bt micro blackhead removal results

Tips and Final Thoughts

Sanitation is vital to hygienic skincare. Fortunately, the bt-micro’s stainless steel tip is easy to wipe down with alcohol before and after every use. To make the tool work more efficiently, I highly recommend washing your face before each use to loosen dirt and prepare your pores for treatment. If you have a facial steamer, steam your face beforehand for maximum efficiency.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up on manual exfoliation after my dermaplaning efforts turned out to be underwhelming. Thanks to Ucero’s skin spatula, my skin glows brighter than this review, every single day. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, congested skin, or acne-prone skin, the bt-micro will change your life. Get yours today!

bt micro skincare results self portrait
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